Direct Quotes from Clients & Colleagues

"THE WONDERFUL COMBINATION of experience & knowledge coupled with her caring personality makes Linda unique."       



"MY HUSBAND & I learned about Parenting Your Parent  through an article in our local newspaper. At last we'd found someone who might be able to guide & support us in dealing with our elderly father who suffered from Dementia. 

Linda was able to establish a relationship with our father. He felt comfortable sharing his feelings about where he was in life. She became a sounding board for all of us. Her knowledge & understanding of the struggles individuals & their caregivers deal with was invaluable. She helped us to understand him which in turn helped us to provide him with the best care & living environment during his decline. Linda is more than someone just providing a service. She truly cares about her clients. I don't know how we would have done this on our own. We are extremely grateful to have found her. She truly did help us to Parent our Parent."

Sherri & Joel


"VERY GOOD UNDERSTANDING of common medical problems, knows when to refer to the physicians & is most appropriate in her interactions with clients & their families."

Dr. John Gillette, Psychiatrist


"THE TRANSITION TO  this arrangement was difficult on our family. We all had different needs to help us make the adjustment. Linda more than understood my wife's needs, my own as the husband of a Dementia patient & the unique needs of our adult children. She addressed the concerns of each family member in a professional & caring manner, yet there was always the warmth of friendship in all of our interactions."



"THROUGH CLOSE OBSERVATION, Linda gained insight concerning our parents' personalities & behaviors & more importantly the subtle changes in them often before family members could. She would then search for the cause of any negative changes & always found the perfect solution." 

Sema & Vedat


"I WOULD HIGHLY  recommend Linda to any adult child who has 'suddenly'  found themselves in the position of parenting their parent. She is beyond compare in the administration of patient care, medication management, staff supervision, organizational skills, creative problem solving & mediating client & family concerns. She is an outstanding professional & a fine human being."

Dr. Offra Gerstein, Clinical Psychologist