Skills + Dedication + Passion + Devotion To Teamwork = Best Quality of Life


Linda J. Welsh is affectionately known as The Senior Citizen Whisperer. She has successfully guided Elders & their loving Care Providers through some of life's most difficult challenges. 

Linda is Owner, Executive Director & devoted Gerontologist for Parenting Your Parent. She is a State Certified Residential Care Facility for the Elderly Administrator. RCFE Administrator's have extensive training & experience in the field of Elder Care & are tested & registered by the State. Linda, through completion of dedicated courses & State testing, has also earned the title of State Certified Senior Advisor. She brings to this challenging field many year's experience as an RCFE Administrator for a respected Care Facility for those living with Dementia of the Alzheimers type. She has also served as a Conservator of the Person with a Fiduciary Services organization. Linda has Pharmacy experience and offers Medication Management Services for all her clients. She is also a State Certified Mediator with experience as a Victim/Offender Mediator for the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office & extensive experience in successful Family Dispute Mediation.

There may be times when you will feel challenged beyond your ability. Do not give up. Success can be easier than you think. You also matter, have value & deserve to enjoy life. 

Invite Linda to join you on your journey. With dedication & support, you will perfect skills for enjoying the best quality of life.